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Poofy Man’s debut solo-album, “Brutal By Design” recently earned a headline feature in Lifoti Magazine. Click link for full article:

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Poofy Man to Release Debut Album August 16th 

Dallas Rapper-Producer excited to announce debut solo project

DALLAS, TX - Friday, Poofy Man, a Dallas-based rapper-producer and local record label owner is set to release his debut solo album, “Brutal By Design.” The project is his first major release since 2017, and has been in the making for over a year. 

With “Brutal By Design” being Poofy Man’s first major release as a solo artist since his production work in Dope Ninja’s album “Origins” in 2017, his audience has come to notice his continuous evolution as an artist. 

He’s garnered respect and praise from fellow colleague 7 Tha Great, who is a local South Dallas rapper and co-owner of Phantom City Records.

“His production abilities in Hip Hop and technique as a rapper have consistently developed over the years,comments 7 Tha Great. He went on saying, “It’s reassuring to see a friend grow in their own direction and not lose touch with the bigger vision along the way.”

Poofy Man grew up in Carrolton-Farmers Branch and spent most his life playing ice-hockey before making his break in the music industry. Some of his biggest influences include Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Skrillex and Lil Wayne.

“It’s refreshing to see an artist like Poofy Man pay homage to industry predecessors while simultaneously applying his background in EDM production to Hip Hop. I believe that this allows his style to vary from the modern rap music we hear today,” remarks Sammy Wilson a budding writer and Dallas area vocalist. 

Overall, the album features a collection of refreshingly creative tracks - all of which, showcase his bandwidth for originality, dynamic word-play and thematics. Keep your eyes out for “Brutal By Design” as well as Poofy Man. Poofy Man has taken the extra steps to put Dallas on the map as well as help cultivate other local musicians. Make sure to check out Poofy Man and Phantom City’s future work. They don’t plan on leaving the industry anytime soon.

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editorial by: Sammy Wilson


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Bacc At It Again!! FREESTYLE!

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7 Tha Great’s single, “Caught a Vibe” breaks one-million views on WSHH and continues to gain traction. Earlier this month, the single broke into radio rotation in 11 markets across the country. Digitally, the track has seen comparable success, recording more than 600K streams on Spotify (as of May 2, 2019).

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The months of hard work appear to be paying off for Phantom City Records, as the label continues to draw attention from some of Dallas’ most prominent media outlets and publications.

Last Friday, D-Magazine released a profile piece -Click below to read full article!

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Phantom City Records’ 7 Tha Great reaches new heights this week, after releasing his sophomore album, “Demigod” to unexpected acclaim.

In less than 26 hours after appearing on Apple Music, the project hit number one on Apple’s Most Trending Albums, ahead of Trey Songz and most notably Meek Mills, who dropped his new album on the same day.

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7 Tha Great has been making some serious noise over the last six-weeks. His ‘Sunday Freestyle’ video’s alone have averaged an eye-popping 80K views per - topping out at 124K three weeks ago.

The momentum has a lot of fans, critics and local industry power-players excited about his upcoming album,“Demigod” - which is set for release December 1st at 12:01am.

7 Tha Great spent the better half of 2018 writing, recording and finalizing his sophomore album.

Musically, the project showcases a clarity and balance that is “atypical” of today’s mainstream hip-hop and honors a dynamic narrative that holds-attention from start to finish.

The 'Demigod' LP drops December 1st, and will be Phantom City Records most notable industry release to date.


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As of late, streaming giant, Spotify has taken notice to Phantom City’s fusion projects, and has allotted high-profile playlist slots to a number of “drip-hop” tracks including- ‘BagU [feat] 7 Tha Great,’ ‘Whoopin’ Up [feat] 7 Tha Great,’ ‘Black Mamba [feat] 7 Tha Great,’ ‘Dope as Coke [feat] P. Rico’ and Dope Ninja’s, ‘1986.’


Phantom City's 7 Tha hits full gallop, and isn't showing signs of stopping. 

Phantom City's 7 Tha hits full gallop, and isn't showing signs of stopping.