Chris Nicolaou, known professionally as “Poofy Man,” is a Dallas based hip-hop producer who got his start in 2012 while writing and producing original instrumentals for a small West Dallas publishing house.

In the six years that followed, he worked behind closed doors, privately amassing an expansive body of work, consisting of more than 30,000 original compositions, sketches, scores, and instrumentals. His commitment and dedication to his craft gave way to his unique sound and self-styled genre, “Drip-Hop.”

In February of 2017, Nicolaou linked up with South Dallas rapper,“Capo Dutch” to form an experimental hip-hop Dope Ninja. Following the release of their debut EP,’Origins,’ Dope Ninja first official EP, entitled “Origins,” the duo created, what is now known as “Dope Ninja.”

In the four months following, Poofy Man took Dope Ninja to the top of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s Reverb Nation charts, topping out at #3 in January 2018. The group earned their first syndicated radio spin on Power 106.1 Tampa following the release of their new single, “Black Mamba ft. 7 Tha Great.”

In September of 2017 Poofy Man was accepted into the Recording Academy and was in the hunt for a 2017 faith-based Grammy nomination, only to fall short by approximently 2,500 votes.                 


Bryson Busby, known professionally as 'Godbody,' is an emerging hip-hop artist from South Dallas.  His eclectic musical breadth and youthful lyrical delivery prove an invaluable commodity in todays urban market. 

Raised in the notorious Dixon Circle neighborhood of South Dallas, Busby, like so many others, fell victim to the streets. He eventually served an eight year prison sentence during which time, Busby was able to strengthen his resolve, hone his skills and re-engage his life-long dream of being a rapper and hip-hop visionary. 

Upon his Release, Busby teamed-up with his brother, 7 Tha Great and his label FGMG to begin his climb to the top of the cities hip-hop hierarchy.

Godbody is currently working on his first major release, entitled, "The Heat of a Thousand Suns."  Busby has featured on countless hit releases including, "7 Days," on 7 Tha' Greats Audio Porn EP.  


Ladarrion Burton, known aptly by his stage name, 7 tha' great, is a Dallas based hip-hop artist Whose body of work includes two highly acclaimed studio albums and countless collaborative singles.  Burton's raw vocal presence, dynamic word play and one-punch delivery places him in a league of his own.  MOre impressively, Burton has become a fixture in the community using his influence to help support local non-profits, charities and outreach programs. In december of 2017, 7 Tha Great accepted the top position as president and c.a.o. of phantom city records.  Check out his latest release, "can't stop my hustle," by clicking on the new releases tab.



Tedrick Harris, better known as Teddi Montana, is a Dallas based hip-hop producer, rapper, and entrepreneur.He came onto the scene in 2013, after dropping his first studio EP, “Cocky & Conceited.”

The project was well-received and earned unprecedented acclaim from the city’s hip-hop establishment. His breakthrough track, “How I Wanna,” appeared on the album and quickly became Harris’ first marquee single. The music video earned roughly 8K views on youtube within the first two weeks of release. 

Since then, Harris has tirelessly churned out work, appearing on countless high-profile features and collaborations, as well as producing, performing and releasing his own solo-projects.

Harris has undoubtedly earned his place at Dallas’ proverbial “hip-hop round-table,” but, it’s his role as as an influential community leader, business man and entrepreneur that’s proved most impactful.  

In 2015, Harris founded a number of businesses including, Montana Music, a Dallas-based recording studio and record label.  His most recent move to Phantom City Records stands to be his biggest yet.