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Phantom City Records’ 7 Tha Great reaches new heights this week, after releasing his sophomore album, “Demigod” to unexpected acclaim.

In less than 26 hours after appearing on Apple Music, the project hit number one on Apple’s Most Trending Albums, ahead of Trey Songz and most notably Meek Mills, who dropped his new album on the same day.

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7 Tha Great has been making some serious noise over the last six-weeks. His ‘Sunday Freestyle’ video’s alone have averaged an eye-popping 80K views per - topping out at 124K three weeks ago.

The momentum has a lot of fans, critics and local industry power-players excited about his upcoming album,“Demigod” - which is set for release December 1st at 12:01am.

7 Tha Great spent the better half of 2018 writing, recording and finalizing his sophomore album.

Musically, the project showcases a clarity and balance that is “atypical” of today’s mainstream hip-hop and honors a dynamic narrative that holds-attention from start to finish.

The 'Demigod' LP drops December 1st, and will be Phantom City Records most notable industry release to date.


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As of late, streaming giant, Spotify has taken notice to Phantom City’s fusion projects, and has allotted high-profile playlist slots to a number of “drip-hop” tracks including- ‘BagU [feat] 7 Tha Great,’ ‘Whoopin’ Up [feat] 7 Tha Great,’ ‘Black Mamba [feat] 7 Tha Great,’ ‘Dope as Coke [feat] P. Rico’ and Dope Ninja’s, ‘1986.’


 Phantom City's 7 Tha hits full gallop, and isn't showing signs of stopping. 

Phantom City's 7 Tha hits full gallop, and isn't showing signs of stopping.